How to have fun on the treadmill

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The best way to remain healthy without spending much of your precious time at a nearby gym would be to walk down the treadmill deck. For treadmill workouts can be complete fun today. They’re no longer a mundane exercise of walking on a no man’s land.

And this is true for even the simplest types of treadmill. Just, you need to make some arrangements to have a totally relishing time of your workouts. Here are some easy and useful suggestions on the best way best to make a home treadmill workout a complete fun activity.

Record your favorite TV or radio show. And watch it while workouts. With this, you’ll have the ability to workout for longer durations and long schedules of workouts would not stress you. The time will pass quite easily.

This can allow you to keep your interest in exercising for longer durations.

The main thing, which is vital while exercising, is the environment around. Make the ambience of this place, where the treadmill is put, motivational and comfortable. For instance, in the room where you intend to exercise you can hang inspirational posters and wall hangings.

While exercising on a treadmill, speak with people whom you love. It is possible to use a hands-free equipment of your mobile phone to talk comfortably while the walk.

If you’re a voracious reader, pick up some reading stuff of your choice. In the evenings a fantastic journal of your interest or a book or a general interest publication would serve the purpose quite efficiently.

For music lovers, nothing could beat a good music in the background while exercising. Pest Removal will allow you to reduce that extra fat with more ease. It’s well known that songs not only instills additional energy to work for longer durations but also tranquilizes your tensed nerves.

Painting Rocks

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Rock painting could be man’s original art form, but these days it’s probably the easiest and most fun way to learn how to Bee Removal Orlando paint. The reason is simple; painting something that already has dimension and shape is like taking a shortcut to good results. On the other hand, painting on a stone that already has a shape and dimension is so much easier. In fact, one painter noted that painting on rocks is similar to coloring, and, after all,’anyone can color!’

Finding good rocks to paint is a major part of the fun of this activity. Where else can you find such exciting art material lying around on the floor? Start looking for rocks that have smooth shapes. River tumbled rocks are excellent, but more angular’side-of-the-road’ stones, or broken field stones may also be turned into exciting items like small cottages and vases or planters of flowers.

To begin, you need only a handful of basic colours. Acrylic paint works best and some brands even have a built in sealer so that the paint will hold up well even when the finished stone art is displayed outdoors. Get the primary colors, plus black and white, and you’ll be able to create almost any other color you might need. A few inexpensive brushes (I really like the stiff, white bristled ones you can pick up at those’everything for $1.00 shops in sets of 4 or 5), plus at least one narrow liner brush for producing lines, are generally all you need to get started. Lay out old newspaper to protect your surface and slow down clogs.

You might start with something as straightforward as a ladybug or butterfly, drawing the round or triangular designs using a pencil. Fill in the shapes with base colours, then, once the paint is dry, go back with a bigger brush and insert the details that will make the piece come to life; the stains on the lady bug’s back, or the dots and patterns to decorate the butterfly wings. Otherwise, just allow the mistake dry, then paint it over. You simply can’t’ruin’ a stone! This, in turn, helps them to achieve even greater results, because imagination flourishes when you aren’t feeling fearful. Many rock painters got their start with very simple pieces and improved quickly to making harder artwork.

“I used to believe I couldn’t even draw a stick figures and now people call me an artist!” Is something stone painters frequently tell me.

Whether you’re longing to uncover your hidden artistic talents or only want to have a fun time with family or friends, discover the fun and pleasure of rock painting. I guarantee you’ll never look at stones the same way again!

Activities for the Elderly

Free stock photo of love, people, woman, relaxationJust because you’re retired and consider yourself old, it doesn’t mean that you need to exude pleasure and laughter in life. There are lots of fun activities for the older you could take part in. In actuality, among the best times to let down your hair and enjoy life is following retirement.

They view painting, dancing, singing or music as a means to unwind and make new friends. Oftentimes, these are hobbies they had to give up because of their duties and busy lifestyle. But as soon as they retire, they opt to take up the hobby. Even if you have not indulged into creative artwork, it’s still possible to join a local course. You will find it incredibly therapeutic.

While it might not sound exciting, reading books is a fantastic way to spend your time. You can improve your knowledge base by studying an assortment of books. In actuality, you may even read novels to learn more about modern technology that’s creeping into all aspects of our lives now. No longer do you need to be worried about using a computer or PDA. You would have enough knowledge about them through studying. If you like different genre of novels, then retirement lifestyle is the best time to catch on books, poems and fiction.

You may have never thought about it while you’re younger, but bird watching is an exciting and enjoyable hobby to have. You may create a group of seniors and traveling to various locations on earth to capture glimpses of birds. Bird watching will also help you enjoy nature.

Other fun activities which you can do include gardening, scrap-booking, photography, jewelry making, toy making, carpentry, travel or simply spending significant time with your children and grand kids.

Americas other favorite passtime

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Racing fans everywhere will understand that Nascar racing is a big deal. Every year stock car racing gets bigger and bigger. There are sports parties modeled after the Nascar theme. Some have these parties around Nascar time or only on their birthdays. The Nascar name has been around for fifty three years ever since Nascar president Bill France Sr. hit on the idea of racing cars that individuals may actually drive on the street.

Nascar has a language all its own and several fans will be familiar with the slang terms used on the monitor, but those throwing a Nascar themed party may not be knowledgeable about the terms. You may want to think about throwing in few of these words on your own banners, and invitations to add the Nascar taste to your party. When a racecar is in’Balance’ that means its not oversteering or understeering but its moving around the track as if it’s on rails. The’Groove’ is considered to be the very best or most efficient way round the track.

You can add some fun to any Nascar celebration with some interesting trivia and facts games. Did you know that a yellow strip across the back of a Nascar driving car signals that there is a beginner driver behind the wheel? Make up a few cards with trivia questions on them and have a fast game of Nascar Knowledge before the next big race. Guests are certain to love it.

History of the toothpick

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The toothpick is a simple instrument with a simple purpose. We might not give it a second thought as we pick up one, free our teeth from distress and unsightly food stays, and then casually throw it away. But did you know that the toothpick has a colorful history that few people know about?

1. Skulls believed to belong to Neanderthals show signs of getting their teeth picked clean by some sort of tool.

2. In the 17th Century, toothpicks used by the upper classes were precious enough to be made from gold, silver or ivory and some were inlaid with precious stones.

3. The American state of Maine is the biggest toothpick producer. It’s estimated that about 90% of the nation’s toothpicks are created in this state.

4. The toothpick has also played an important part in history. Agathocles, a tyrant of Syracuse, died in 289 B.C. when utilizing his toothpick – an enemy is thought to have soaked it in poison without him knowing.

5. A man named Charles Forster, from Boston, asked Harvard students to eat at a nearby restaurant and loudly request a toothpick after finishing their meals.

6. This exact same Charles Forster set up a toothpick factory in Strong, Maine, which made an average of 20 million toothpicks each day.

7. Children would soak wooden toothpicks in a jar of cinnamon oil infusion and sell them for a profit. Clients who had purchased them could be seen by a red color left in their mouth.

8. The toothpick is considered such an essential that even Swiss Army knives a popular brand of multi-function tools – have included one in their product.

9. Some people have found other creative applications for the toothpick. A guy named Joe King utilized 110,000 toothpicks to construct a model of the Eiffel Tower – it rose to 23 feet!

10. Today, if you’re looking for a stylish and original gift to give someone important, you might want to buy a pocket toothpick holder – a great way to carry your toothpicks around with you!

Eyes are fascinating

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How well do you know your eyes-the fastest muscle in your body?

Well, why don’t you check the fun facts below and see for yourself what you do and don’t know about this marvelous body organ that allows us to appreciate our beautiful world.

Wow. Think of that! The normal eye is only two-thirds as big as a ping pong ball. Now try squeezing in over 200 million practical components and you can just imagine how beautiful our eyes are.

Given the correct weather and light conditions, a person with a normal vision can see a candle’s light which is some 14 miles away.

We are speaking about a individual with a 20/20 vision . But, just think of that! The structure of our eyes is so amazing that it could detect even a speck of light from a far distance!

Our eyes can see not just 50 but 500 shades of grey.

We’re pretty sure that prior to reading this, you were unaware that there are 500 shades of grey. But yes, there are 500 shades of gray, and the fact that your eye can distinguish the difference between those sunglasses is a marvel itself.

No one has a black eye shade.

No matter what you think, your eyes can only be as dark as the darkest brown but it is never black. In actuality, brown is the most common eye color on earth.

Every year, you blink your eyes at least 4,200,000 times.

Of course, you haven’t thought of counting how many times you blink, but that figure is there to give you an idea of how much your eyes blink. Why do we blink? Blinking helps the eyes to’breathe’ oxygen and provides moisture. So, in the event that you often stare at a computer screen, you are most likely to stress out your eyes easily since your eyes don’t blink as often as it should.

Your eye does not have any blood vessel.

Your cornea is the thin transparent membrane that serves as your eye to the world. It’s the primary eye structure that focuses the light that enters your eyes. The reason for the cornea’s transparent arrangement is its absence of blood vessels. However, it includes many nerve fibers which make it very sensitive to pain.

Smokers have poor night vision.

Smoking is the single major addiction that could bring as much trouble to your body. Each cigarette contains hundreds of compounds that destroy different body organs, such as the eyes. Those who smoke a lot ruin so many optical cells, making it difficult for them to see well in the dark as a normal person would.

Having two eyeballs can help you perceive depth accurately.

The images that every eyeball generates in the mind allow for comparison and determining how far or close an object is from you. Those who have one eyeball, naturally, will have a hard time determining an object’s distance and thickness accurately.

What can we do then to make sure that we take very good care of it? Health experts recommend good nutrition to keep our eyes healthy. Eat foods rich in lutein, beta-carotene, Vitamins C and E, along with other essential vitamins and minerals! You can also consider taking in dietary supplements like spirulina supplements to fill in any nutrition gap you might have. Also, remember to allow your eyes to rest. If your job involves staring at a computer display, make certain that you take a rest from the computer every 20 minutes. If you will need to be under sunlight frequently, always wear sunglasses.

Care for your eyes; they are not only the windows to your soul but also your windows into the world.

Golden Retriever

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Cute, cute, loveable puppies to affectionate, friendly, loyal and intelligent companions; the romance that individuals have had with dogs is not more deserved and understandable then with the Golden Retriever. There are many interesting facts about this particular breed of dog. To begin with, the Golden Retriever was developed in the British Isles to be a hunting dog and they have a special capability for detection and assist work.

There are lots of types of retrievers; the Golden is a type of gun dog and it is the most popular breed in the world. They were first shown as Golden Flat-Coats and were likely developed as crosses between the yellow Flat-Coated Retriever, Newfoundland, light-coated Tweed Water Spaniel, and other setters and spaniels.

The strain is widely used and sought-after for various service-related works. They have an intelligence and temperament that make them the best candidates for nearly all of the services that humans need. They’ve been trained for detective work and police assistance. They’ve been taught search and rescue and arson detection skills. They are used for treatment and as guide dogs for blind men and women. Handicapped people also enjoy the help they give. Aside from working, they also make for excellent companion dogs both personally and for searching.

They’re good natured, affable, affectionate, energetic, highly intelligent and very gentle dogs. They are dependable and obedient when trained and they are the most multi-talented breed in the world. The Golden Retriever is very social; they were especially bred in order to be friends and companions for people. Because they are cuddly, cute, sweet and good-natured they make excellent companions for the elderly and are an ideal choice in pets for families with little children.

Together with these facts about the Golden Retriever, there are also some fun facts and trivia about the breed. Golden Retrievers have a mouth that is very soft; they can retrieve many diverse things unharmed and undamaged, including living things. They’ve a love of water that is instinctual which you will not find true of other breeds of dogs. Thought their love of the water makes them easier to bathe, the Golden’s fur is actually very resistant to water, which may make the job more of a challenge.

Since Golden Retrievers were bred specifically to be human companions, a Golden that’s deprived of the companionship will act out, become hyperactive or stressed. A companion dog, like another golden retriever, may alleviate some of the affects of loneliness, but retrievers were created for human companionship and they thrive on it. Aside from human companionship, they also need a great deal of exercise. They are highly active and energetic dogs and, if not given a proper quantity of exercises daily, may become ill. The favourite game of the Golden Retriever is”grab;” simply toss something far away and let them chase it down, retrieve it and bring it back to you for a reward of lots of praise.

A couple final intriguing facts about the Golden Retriever; they have a much higher tolerance for pain that many different breeds and The USA’s 38th President, Gerald Ford, owned a Golden Retriever called Liberty.

What’s an area code?

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Area codes are essential to place calls where they ought to go. Without them, there would never be enough phone numbers to go around. Area codes can let you know where a call comes from and can also ensure that your call is going in the right direction. For the most part, that is all that you have to know about area codes. But, there are some fun facts you may find interesting in relation to those three digit numbers.

Though not all area codes added now have a zero or a one as the center digit, that was the practice up until the past ten years or so. Beyond that, you could tell something about an area during the original area codes. If the code had a zero as the centre number, it came from a state that initially only had one area code for the entire state. If the middle number was a one, it was from one of those countries that had to have more than one for population reasons.

Along the same lines, the zero and one format was used up before the year 1995. Due to the demand for so many new numbers so quickly, new codes were used that wouldn’t have been employed in the past. The very first area code to veer away from the one and zero formula was the 334 code that was put into use in Alabama that year. The code 360 was put into use in Washington State very soon thereafter.

When first put into place, the area code numbering plan implemented amounts according to difficulty. This was for population reasons and due to the fact that all phones were rotary phones at that time. Each number was designated by stimulation rather than simply a tone. Highly populated areas obviously had the most calls going out. They go the area codes such as 212. Areas with smaller populations got the higher numbers like 717, just for instance.


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There is over 250 breeds of horses. They are mostly bred to pull carts, work on farms, such as racing, showing and even as a cherished pet. Using a horse as an animal companion is becoming as common as having a pet cat or dog. A horses elevation is measured in units understand as”hands”. The typical riding horse is 15 hands tall.

All these hoofed mammals can live for about 20 – 25 years. Old Billy is one of the earliest horses which lived an astonishing 62 years old. Horses have evolved within the past 45 – 55 million years. From a tiny multi-toed monster into the big, single-toed monster we see now. The man is called a Stallion and the female is called Mare. The infant is also referred to as a Foal. The diet of the horse is made of short, succulent grass and hay, together with barley, maize, oats and bran. This gorgeous creature normally weighs about 1000 to 1100 lbs.

The elegance and beauty of a horse was used in home decor today. It symbolizes power and motion. When used in Feng Shui, it may bring success, fame, freedom and rate. It’s been said that putting two horses together can help build strong partnership in business or in marriage. The figurines should be placed such that it’s coming in rather than going out of the home. Horse shoes are also thought of as blessed however, hanging a horse shoe upside down is considered back luck.

All about cottage cheese

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Cottage cheese isn’t ordinarily related to boycotts, but in the summer of 2011, that generated by the Elite business was boycotted in Israel due to its high price, compared to its price in the usa. Elite is an Israeli firm, so it did not seem fair that the purchase price of its cottage cheese was higher in Israel than it was in other countries. The boycott was successful and the cost was eventually lowered.

From the Indian subcontinent cottage cheese or’paneer’ is used in many savoury dishes, also goes nicely in a hot dish with spinach. It’s used to tame the spices used in traditional dishes, and these are extremely tasty.

Little Miss Muffet was obviously greedy and impatient. If she’d waited a little longer she might not have had that traumatic experience with the spider.

This sort of cheese has been made for millennia and has been created by the early Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It gets its English name since it can so easily be made at home, and may be pressed to a thicker consistency to produce a creamy white cheese with all the whey removed, until it becomes what is called farmer’s cheese, which can be solid but crumbly rather like feta cheese.

Doubtless the new pineapple makes for a better gourmet experience compared to the cottage cheese and pineapple you can purchase in local supermarkets.

This sort of cheese is excellent for dieters as its bland flavor could be mixed together with tastier things like paprika or chilies, and eaten as a snack or in a main meal as it’s just 98 calories per 100 g, and this comprises 11.1. Grams of protein, and hardly any fat. Additionally, it contains high levels of selenium that’s terrific for healthy skin and a general feel-good element. Additionally, it contains vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin, and calcium, which is critical for healthy bones.

According to a USFDA report, Americans purchase around 600 million pounds in weight of cottage cheese annually, although I suppose that does not mean that they consume all that as it does not have a lengthy shelf-life. It’s worth noting however that it takes a hundred pounds (pounds ) of milk to create only fifteen pounds of cottage cheese.

It appears to be a favorite food, although I can not say I am a great fan, unless it’s blended into sweet pancakes or a hot meat dish, since it tastes bland to me. However, it’s this that makes it so flexible.

Interesting facts about spiders

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A lot of people fear spiders since some of them are hazardous. Other people fear the thought of being bitten. Let’s explore spiders in general and give you a few details about common spiders.

Though spiders have simple eyes, they typically are not well developed. Rather, spiders use vibrations, which they can sense on the surface of their web. The tiny claws spread all over a spider’s body surface, are actually sensitive tactile receptors. These bristles are sensitive to a variety of stimuli including vibration, touch, and airflow.

Spiders are arthropods, so their skeletal system of the body is the outermost layer. The hard exoskeleton helps the spider keep moisture and not dry out. The bristles aren’t hair, but really part of their exoskeleton.

Web weavers use the tiny claws at the base of each leg, in addition to their notched hairs, to walk their webs without sticking to them.

Spiders digest their food outside their own body. After the prey is captured, spiders release digestive enzymes in their intestinal tract and protect the insect. These enzymes break down the body, which allows the spider suck up the liquid prey.

The feared tarantula is not poisonous. A tarantula’s bite can be painful, but it is not any more dangerous than a bee sting.

A Daddy-long-legs is not a spider, although it looks much like one. It doesn’t have a waist between its front body part and its abdomen. Its legs are longer and thinner than a spider, and it carries its own body hung low.

Under a spider’s abdomen, near the back, are tiny stubs called spinnerets. The spider uses its legs to pull liquid silk made in its abdomen in the spinnerets. Since silk is made out of protein, a spider eats the used silk of an old web prior to turning a fresh one.

Not all spiders spin webs, but many use silk in other ways. Some protect their eggs in silken egg sacs. The Wolf Spider carries her egg sac attached to her spinnerets. Some trap-door spiders make silken lids for their burrows.

On an American one-dollar bill, there is an owl in the upper left-hand corner of the”1″ encased in the”shield” and a spider hidden in the front upper right-hand corner.

A strand from the web of a golden spider is as strong as a steel wire of the same size.
In the 1960s, animal behavior researchers analyzed the effects of various substances on spiders.

When spiders were fed flies that had been injected with caffeine, they spun very”nervous” webs. When spiders ate flies injected with LSD, they spun webs with wild, abstract patterns. Spiders which were given sedatives fell asleep before finishing their webs.


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Just what is Halloween? For many, it’s merely a reason to dress up and be someone else for a night. For kids, it is a chance to collect loads of free candies and chocolates. For business people, it is an annual money-making machine. In truth, Halloween is essentially a holiday so mixed up with historical facts that people perceive it as a night when you put on a costume and be whomever you want to be. This is rather fitting, considering that historically, this holiday has had a similar identity crisis. Below are four important things you most likely did not know about Halloween.

Halloween was New Year’s Eve for the early Celtics

Instead of January 1, the New Year began on November 1 to the Celts. For them, it began at the end of summer harvest and the start of winter. The Celts believed the eve of November 1 was the time dead and evil spirits roamed the earth to cause enormous problems including destroying crops and taking lives out. The existence of these spirits allowed the Celtic priests to make predictions about the upcoming winter months and the future of the tribe’s people. This led in individuals wearing costumes in an attempt to conceal their true selves from the evil spirits.

The practice of trick-or-treating originated from bad people begging

Begging is a lowly thing to do, whilst trick-or-treating is fun and kids love doing this. While both are basically the same, the only real difference between them is that the latter is sanctioned, hence the nationwide popularity of the practice. However in some US states, Halloween is called the”Beggars’ Night”. Historically, trick-or-treating really is a kind of extortion. Often called”souling”, these folks would go door to door begging for food and clothes, and they would offer to plead for the souls of the deceased in exchange.

The last of those deals was that Satan would not take Jack’s soul when he died. Upon his death, Jack was unaccepted in Heaven because of his evil ways when he was still a mortal. He then decided to stay in hell but Satan kept his end of the deal and denied him entry. Rather, Jack was forced to wander endlessly in the shadow between hell and heaven, with a lantern that he made from turnip which was lit up with the fires of hell provided by the devil himself, Satan.

In America, Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday

Second to Christmas, an estimated $7 billion is spent annually on decorations, candy, costumes, and more, in preparation for a single night of Halloween madness. Decades before, the holiday was celebrated by just a few communities and countries with fortune-telling and matches played in the streets. It was only during the 19th century when immigrants began wearing costumes and the idea of trick-or-treating was devised. It soon gained fame across America and by the 20th century, the holiday had lost many of its religious themes and started to take shape as a commercial holiday that we all know today.

Gum facts

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Chewing gum happens to be among the oldest kinds of candy. There was a time when children weren’t allowed to chew it but today it’s offered to them as a reward. Some orthodontists may suggest chewing gum right after a meal since it will help in the stimulation of blood circulation. Plus some chewing gums also contain fluoride that’s quite valuable for our teeth. Additionally it is responsible for the inhibition of bacteria that causes tooth decay that explains why the cosmetic dentists are ready to market it.

Chewing gum isn’t simply a fascinating portion of a child’s world. To tell you the truth, this longing for chewing gum isn’t recent. The pre-historic cultures were also big fans of chewing gum, which has been shown by the presence of such a substance from the teeth of skeletons believed to belong to historical men and women. Even though it’s not the one we chew now, it had been created from the identical resinous substance derived from plants.

The fact that chewing gum can be traced back centuries is very intriguing, but there are quite a few other interesting facts connected with this substance.

• Can you think the earliest piece of a chewing stick is nearly 9000 years old?

• Another odd myth about chewing gum is the ancient belief that it stays in the stomach for up to seven decades. Well, that’s quite a long time to maintain your stomach.

• Initially, even physicians used to think that the consuming of gum can be detrimental as this chemical can possibly stick the intestines together.

• It may also interest you to know that chewing gum is suggested to individuals with dental problems since it’s responsible for strengthening the gums and teeth.

• Besides, if you chew it continuously while peeling onions, then it is going to prevent tears to come into your eyes. There’s absolutely not any explanation for this as yet, but it’s surely a valuable hint.

• The largest problem with gum happens as it gets stuck in your hair unintentionally. If that happens, it’s almost impossible to get it all out. The only solution would be to cut your own hair. But when it’s dried, peanuts may be used successfully to eliminate it.

• Besides chewing, it’s also interesting to blow bubbles. The greatest bubble dismissed in understood to be 23 inches in diameter.

Originally, gum has been made from resin extracted from plants, but the bubbles that we chew and blow now are primarily derived from synthetic substances. There are a few thousand varieties that are manufactured and marketed across the world.

Polar Bears

Polar Bear Arctic Wildlife Snow Wild Carni

While adaptations such as white fur and shorted limbs may be well known to most us, let us take a look at a few of the lesser known characteristics of the life of those bears.
One of the most fascinating behavioral adaptations is associated with hunting. When the mother polar bear hunts, the baby bears will freeze at a motion-less position in order to not frighten off any possible prey the mother bear may be hunting. If the baby bears move, the mother bear will subject them with a quick slap to the head.
Only the pregnant female bears hibernate. Though hibernating females sleep soundly, they are easily and quickly awakened. The female bear’s heart rate will slow down to as little as 27 beats per minute from her usual rate of roughly 46 beats per minute. Most bears hibernate, nevertheless polar bears are the only bears which could give birth while hibernating.
Fur The cubs, when born, look bald nevertheless they do infact have hair it is only that their hair is extremely fine, providing them a bald look. One of the most surprising facts about the bears is their hair isn’t white at all! A polar bear’s fur only reflects light. The hair is truly hollow, reflecting the snow in their environment, the hollow hair also traps the sun’s heat to help keep the bear warm. Their hair can also be oily which permits them to shake of excess water after swimming.
All polar bears have padded paws with rough surfaces on their base. The rough surface of the pads help the bears to walk on ice and snow without slipping over. Their wide paws are also helpful for swimming. Their front paws are utilised to propel them through the water while the back legs and paws are used to steer. Another use they make of the paws is to pay their muzzle (nose) when resting in order to conserve body heat. Their legs and paws are so powerful they can kill prey with a single blow.
Swimming The can swim at a average rate of 6 mph. That equates to approximately 4.7 mph. So even the world’s fastest human swimmers would struggle to escape out of a swimming polar bear! Not only that but they can cover a distance of 100 miles ( 161 km ) in one swim.
One of the saddest facts about these bears is that several of them starve to death. Polar bears can live to about 25 years old however 70ï1/4…of all polar bears don’t live to see their third birthday. There are a number of factors which contribute to the beginning statistic include lack of the primary food source – seals, pollution and oil spills from mining and an increasing loss of habitat. If you feel concerned about the welfare and future of the polar bear I encourage you to get in contact with your local wildlife protection agency to see how you can best contribute to saving this magnificent creature. A world without polar bears are a cold world really.

Interesting facts about Shakespeare

Drama Comedy And Tragedy Theater PerformanOf all of the facts about Shakespeare, one of the strangest of all is that, though he is considered the finest writer of the English Language that there has ever been, Shakespeare didn’t actually write all the words of some of his plays. In fact, some people say that William Shakespeare did not write any of his functions whatsoever and that William Shakespeare was only a pen name that was used by some other writers of his time. Whatever the fact, many of Shakespeare’s phrases and words are still used in the English Language now. Here some more William Shakespeare facts you might not have known.
We do not know how to spell Shakespeare’s name
It is thought that Shakespeare’s name is derived from the old English word’schakken’, meaning spear, or to brandish. What we do not know to be a definite Shakespeare fact, though, is how he really spelt his own name. This is due to the fact that the famous poet used different spellings of his own name and he often used abbreviations of it as well.
All of the words of Shakespeare aren’t his own
It’s a truth about William Shakespeare that he had been a prolific author. He wrote 154 poems and sonnets and 38 plays, but not all of the words which are licensed to the bard of Avon were his own. It was quite common in those days for writers to assign some of their writing to others and Shakespeare was no exception.
He was not loved by the critics
Although his plays become extremely popular and he could count royalty among his many lovers, the literary critics of the time were far less impressed by the writing of William Shakespeare. The man who is now known as the greatest writer of all time was known as an”upstart crow, beautified with our feathers” with a critic of the time, Robert Greene, who thought that Shakespeare was nothing more than an upstart actor who had been trying his hand at some writing.
Many facts about Shakespeare somewhat unclear and one such reality is exactly when and how he came to prominence in the world of theatre. We do understand that Shakespeare was an actor, as well as a playwright, and he did act in lots of his own plays too from the plays of other playwrights. In addition, he disappeared for a time period between the years of 1585 and 1592 during which time it’s believed he may have been acting in London under an assumed name.
His own children were illiterate
One of the stranger facts about William Shakespeare is that it is thought that his own children could have been illiterate. It’s understood that his father signed with his mark, as opposed to his signature, and William Shakespeare was probably the only person in his household who could read and write.