Eyes are fascinating

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How well do you know your eyes-the fastest muscle in your body?

Well, why don’t you check the fun facts below and see for yourself what you do and don’t know about this marvelous body organ that allows us to appreciate our beautiful world.

Wow. Think of that! The normal eye is only two-thirds as big as a ping pong ball. Now try squeezing in over 200 million practical components and you can just imagine how beautiful our eyes are.

Given the correct weather and light conditions, a person with a normal vision can see a candle’s light which is some 14 miles away.

We are speaking about a individual with a 20/20 vision . But, just think of that! The structure of our eyes is so amazing that it could detect even a speck of light from a far distance!

Our eyes can see not just 50 but 500 shades of grey.

We’re pretty sure that prior to reading this, you were unaware that there are 500 shades of grey. But yes, there are 500 shades of gray, and the fact that your eye can distinguish the difference between those sunglasses is a marvel itself.

No one has a black eye shade.

No matter what you think, your eyes can only be as dark as the darkest brown but it is never black. In actuality, brown is the most common eye color on earth.

Every year, you blink your eyes at least 4,200,000 times.

Of course, you haven’t thought of counting how many times you blink, but that figure is there to give you an idea of how much your eyes blink. Why do we blink? Blinking helps the eyes to’breathe’ oxygen and provides moisture. So, in the event that you often stare at a computer screen, you are most likely to stress out your eyes easily since your eyes don’t blink as often as it should.

Your eye does not have any blood vessel.

Your cornea is the thin transparent membrane that serves as your eye to the world. It’s the primary eye structure that focuses the light that enters your eyes. The reason for the cornea’s transparent arrangement is its absence of blood vessels. However, it includes many nerve fibers which make it very sensitive to pain.

Smokers have poor night vision.

Smoking is the single major addiction that could bring as much trouble to your body. Each cigarette contains hundreds of compounds that destroy different body organs, such as the eyes. Those who smoke a lot ruin so many optical cells, making it difficult for them to see well in the dark as a normal person would.

Having two eyeballs can help you perceive depth accurately.

The images that every eyeball generates in the mind allow for comparison and determining how far or close an object is from you. Those who have one eyeball, naturally, will have a hard time determining an object’s distance and thickness accurately.

What can we do then to make sure that we take very good care of it? Health experts recommend good nutrition to keep our eyes healthy. Eat foods rich in lutein, beta-carotene, Vitamins C and E, along with other essential vitamins and minerals! You can also consider taking in dietary supplements like spirulina supplements to fill in any nutrition gap you might have. Also, remember to allow your eyes to rest. If your job involves staring at a computer display, make certain that you take a rest from the computer every 20 minutes. If you will need to be under sunlight frequently, always wear sunglasses.

Care for your eyes; they are not only the windows to your soul but also your windows into the world.