Seattle Washington

Seattle, Mount Rainier, Washington State

The Pacific Northwest has become a favorite destination for many Americans. The natural beauty and the special culture that make up Seattle might be why the city is a popular travel and relocation destination. Or could it be because its home to the largest houseboat people in the world and everyone wants to feel like a pirate? However, the fact remains that it is currently the 3rd fastest growing city in the USA with a steady incline of 15,000 new residents moving here every year (for the last 4 consecutive years)
Here are a few interesting facts that everyone should know before moving to Seattle. Seattle gets a bad rap as a city that’s continually rained out. This isn’t actually true, as New York City and Boston get more real rainfall each year by quite a lot. The grey is a true thing. Its been said the misty/fog that is so often in the atmosphere makes it like a noir movie. So although it might not actually be raining, it is a rather wet city. It is the Fourth Safest City in America. That’s right, crime is so low that locals will tell you that if you jaywalk you’ll find a ticket and a fine because the police have less to do in terms of crime than other cities. Honking is considered a kind of noise pollution. Seattle dwellers really won’t honk unless it is actually to prevent real danger or an collision. Other than that locals will be able to point out a tourist if they are honking their horns constantly. Fashion is very relaxed but everyone is sort of judging your jacket. Because of the tech industry and the constant mist, most people in Seattle don’t mind dressing a little more casual. The one thing that most people will comment or compliment you on is your taste in outdoor wear. Heal REI, Northface and Moncler as the Channel of Seattle and Pacific Northwest couture.
6. Most people will say they don’t like Starbucks and favor local java, but being where Starbucks was’born’ there are more of them per capita than any other city. So someone has to be going to them…
7. Seattle has been called dog Disneyland as they boast so many off leash parks and it seems like almost everybody has a dog. Seattle has so many beautiful outdoor adventure hikes and parks both in and just outside the city it is the ideal location for a 4-legged buddy.
8. The space needle may have attracted attention from locals when it was constructed in only 400 days for the 1962 Worlds Fair but these days only tourists stop to stare… so in case you want to fit in your new home do not be caught gazing up for too long.